A Positive Outcome

Dr. Baird saved my life. I went for my annual checkup, and when she examined me she asked how long I’ve had an inverted nipple. I said that I had never noticed it. So I immediately had a mammogram and the results showed something irregular. Then I was sent to Tiffany Breast Care Center for an ultrasound. The radiologist said the ultrasound showed that there was a mass. Therefore, I had a biopsy which indicated that the mass was malignant. Surgery to remove the mass was recommended. I was devastated! I had breast cancer! Dr. Joseph Ambrose Jr., my surgeon, recommended that we should deal with the cancer as aggressively as possible. After the surgery to remove the lump (mass), Dr. Ambrose told me he had removed two lymph nodes because the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. This was an indication that I had stage 2 cancer. Therefore, in addition to the surgery, I underwent 6 chemotherapy treatments (without any side effects) and then approximately 9 radiation treatments. I feel that I withstood both therapies very well.

There were many people wanting to share negative cancer stories with me and I found I needed to stay away from these people. I surrounded myself with very positive, uplifting people. This helped me tremendously to get through this journey. I am happy to tell you that I have been cancer free now for 8 ½ years.

– Marsha Schlais