One evening I went to bed early. I twisted and turned and felt something strange. In the morning I felt the lump and called The Center for Women and made an appointment with Gaye Sympson CNM. After she examined me she sent me to The Joanie Abdu Breast Center. I was examined and had the lump drained, it was clear.

About a week later Gaye Sympson from The Center for Women called and explained everything was clear but Gaye was not satisfied with the x-ray. She thought something was wrong. She suggested I see Dr. Lyras.

I went to Dr. Lyras who checked me and drained the lump. The lump came back and I returned to Dr. Lyras who suggested we drain it again. I didn’t want it drained this time, I wanted it removed. He talked to me to make sure I really wanted the surgery. I was sure.

A week later I went to Southwoods Surgery Center and had the lump removed.

I went back to Dr Lyras a week later for a check up and he said, “God was with you!” After removing the lump, they had found the cancer. Dr. Lyras said the outcome would have been much worse and probably too late if I had waited any longer. I had radiation every day for 2 months. All is well now and I have been cancer free for over a year.

I thank God for Gaye Sympson’s insight and tenacity and Dr. Lyras’ surgical skills!

– Kathryn Gresko